Upcoming Hot Sex Videos To Watch Out For

Alright, people, the tabloids have been full of rumored sex videos the last couple months and this article will outline some of the juiciest ones to watch out for. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the possibility of these hot videos being leaked to the media.


First of all, there are rumors that Blac Chyna and her former boyfriend Tyga have a tape being shopped for as of now. Blac pretty much confirmed that the tape in question is legit by hiring an attorney to seek the person who currently has their filthy paws on the gem. There are sources that claim that Vivid Entertainment is dying to get their hands on them. The adult company currently owns Farrah Abraham tapes and also Kim Kardashian’s.


The next tape you should keep your ears perked for is Drake and Rihanna. Yes, this indeed may happen as their relationship becomes more and more intense. According to sources close to the couple, they are definitely are freaks in the sheets and love recording themselves. It’s only a matter of time one of them gets hacked and their passion spreads all over the web in a video. All their fanz are praying for this tape to drop.


There is also gossip about Kris Jenner having a tape being shopped around as well. If you love the cougs, you might want to see what this old lady can do. She does look super in shape for an older woman. The word on the street is that this “momager” has a filthy tape out with her current and much younger man, Corey Gamble. Some people have suggested that the video may not be with Corey at all, they think the video in question is actually with her first husband Robert Kardashian. He did own a film studio and had a reputation for being quite adventurous in the bedroom… Only time will tell who the lucky man is.

The Power Of Celebrity Sex Tapes

The following celebrity sex tapes are featured from LeakedCelebrityTape.com!

Sex Tapes, and rumors of them are spreading around the entertainment world like wildfire. We are living in a time where these amateur erotic films are being created by fame chasers, those who seek the limelight and want to get tabloid attention to popularize their name. This sounds silly, doesn’t it? Well, as ridiculous as this sounds, this road map to fame has proven to be a success. Below we give a list of ladies who have proven this method to work.


Kim Kardashian’s 2008 sex tape with Ray J is the quintessential example of a common woman using a naughty video to rise to stardom. Although some people find this a vile way of making money, Kim K has proven this method is an effective way to get your name out there. In fact, the tape planted the seed that eventually helped her and her family get a reality show. Since then, the Kardashians have created a brand out of their name. Everyone knows who they are, which gives them power to build businesses around their lifestyle. As of today, Kim and each one of her immediate family members are millionaires.


Farrah Abraham is also another woman who has taken advantage of the sex video scheme to become famous. Farrah was a star in MTV’s Teen Mom series, but when the show ended it was possible that her time in the spotlight would be over. The tapes she made with Vivid Entertainment made sure she would stay on the minds of men everywhere, and therefore provide her with a foundation to create a brand out of her name as well. She now has ventured into the adult toys industry and is making a fortune out of it.


Rumored sex videos are also extremely valuable to overzealous ladies who desire celebrity status. Take for example the former stripper and model, Amber Rose. This bodacious woman has a tape that has pushed her at the top of media reports globally. Even though she may not make any money off of these rumors, she gains publicity which transforms her into a walking advertisement that companies want to work with.

In the end, the reason these common women are now living a luxurious lifestyle is because we can’t seem to get enough of their drama-filled lives and the companies who support them know that. The sex tape was just the beginning of our lifelong obsession with them.